Wednesday, February 03, 2010

An air of desperation?

Two signs today from the Harper government...

In the wake of Barack Obama's prioritization of jobs as his number one priority in his State of the Union speech last week and following a Liberal set of job incentive proposals that were released last week as well, today we see the Harper cabinet predictably following along: "Harper cabinet meets to discuss job-creation strategy."
"Creating jobs remains the top priority of the federal government," Mr. Clement said.
That's not the impression they gave surrounding the cabinet shuffle, the focus was Stockwell Day and coming cuts to government budgets. That was the overriding messaging coming from the Harper government, an emphasis on deficit reduction not jobs. It's clearly turn on a dime time.

Secondly, this little bit of gaming of the parliamentary timetable, as they love to do, proroguers par excellence. Suddenly so concerned about being present in Parliament, they've gotten the message that the prorogation is a deadly political anchor around their necks. So they're seeking to make some political hay now, attempting to cancel March break and another previously scheduled break for April, given the extended break they've got Parliament on at the moment, as issue after issue nevertheless requires Parliamentary attention. The salvage team is out, trying to pry that anchor loose from the bottom of the ocean. Good luck with all that.

Whichever way the wind blows, that's where you'll find the Harper government. Or whichever way the U.S. goes, that too.