Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big leak in Afghan detainee file

From Travers today:"Were we complicit in "disappearing" Afghan prisoners?"

Travers writes about a further impetus for prorogation, that there are documents in the government's possession that speak of concerns about three missing insurgents captured in the winter of 2007 by our "top-secret Joint Task Force Two," operating in conjunction with the Americans.
As a source familiar with its work put it this week, the force works side-by-side with the U.S. "to pick up or pick off " top Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders.

There's little startling in what JTF2 and CSIS are doing in Afghanistan. Most Canadians will accept commando raids and civilian spying as particularly necessary in a war against an enemy fighting outside the accepted rules of engagement.

Much more troubling is the implication that this country was complicit in Afghans "disappearing" prisoners, or that Canada became a partner in the U.S. rendition scheme that trampled legal and human rights. (emphasis added)
How's that for more fortuitous timing with the resumption of Parliament?