Monday, February 08, 2010

The big question

One of the weightier issues of the day is perplexing Tim Powers: "What is Ignatieff's sport?" An effort no doubt to do a little bit more gratuitous hockey association for the PM by asking such a comparative question. Considering how sporting our PM is, i.e., not really at all, the effort at a budding "my sport is better than your sport" machismo contest seems rather ridiculous.

Nevertheless, let's humour Mr. Powers. Some people may be intrigued. So here's a timely answer from Ignatieff that arrived Sunday night on the wires:
Which winter sport would you compete in if you were an Olympian?

To be frank, I wouldn't fancy my chances in any sport. But one sport I identify with a lot - because I still think I could kind of do it - is curling. It's a fantastic team sport. But I think I will leave it to the people who actually know how to do this. It is the game I associate with a bit, especially the skip. It's the leadership and the precision and the quiet. My wife is listening to this conversation and says I ought to have said ice dancing. So there you go.
Curling. Hard core Canadiana. There you go Mr. Powers and well-played Iggy. (You can even drink beer while curling, recreationally anyway, can't you?) As we have previously advised, Iggy should plant himself in the stands for all the curling events, bonspiel to bonspiel or whatever the heck it is that they call each game.

These are indeed the questions of our time, the sporting interests of national leaders. I remember too when George W. Bush was the guy everyone wanted to have a beer with, much bandied about in the media as a litmus test for leadership. That worked well.

This was fun but I'm sure we can now move on to weightier things, right?