Friday, February 26, 2010

Circus act

The Conservative tax rhetoric is out of control, they're tying themselves in ridiculous knots in order to maintain the illusion that they're not raising taxes. This is their second recent tax hike plan, they're just counting, as always, on voter apathy as they massage away with their expensive communications strategies. The messaging, not the substance of what they're doing, is all: "New airport security fee not a tax, Tories insist."
The government describes the new charges as “user fees,” rather than taxes. Some current government members once attacked the very item as an “air tax” while in opposition, but Mr. Baird dismissed such language Thursday.
Oh John Baird, why must you be

What say you, opposition benches?
"A tax is a tax is a tax," said New Democrat finance critic Thomas Mulcair (Outremont), calling Baird's airport announcement one week before the budget a bald-faced "communications effort."

"If Baird can get away with putting lipstick on this pig, then they figure maybe next week they can announce a whole bunch of new tariffs and fees and say that they haven't raised taxes, they've just raised tariffs and fees?"

What? That's not a pig wearing a Conservative sweater. It's a porcine creature wearing a Conservative sweater. They're totally different beasts. I'm sure Mr. Baird would agree.