Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Great moments in paranoia

It's hard to know exactly what to make of John Ivison's column today, at first I thought it was satire but it actually isn't: "Add another name to the Tories' enemies list." That name being metaphorically added to the list is Elections Canada. This would be due to the litigation between the two parties that has been ongoing since the Conservatives won election in 2006. There's the in-and-out advertising litigation and investigation. And there's the GST litigation of late as well. It's not remarkable that there has been litigation going on. Legitimate disagreements can be disputed. What's really of note here is the clear suggestion by Ivison that Elections Canada is biased against the Conservatives. He writes:
The Conservatives tend to sound paranoid when they talk about the "Liberal bureaucracy" but that doesn't mean the bureaucrats at Elections Canada aren't out to get them. Mr. Mayrand seems to be taking the case personally and it is fully expected he will now appeal the Federal Court decision.
Shades of the attack by the Prime Minister in the House of Commons against Linda Keen as a Liberal hack echo here. Mr. Mayrand can't defend himself either, his independence would come under scrutiny if he engaged such allegations. "Taking the case personally," writes Ivison. What's the basis for that other than the fact that Elections Canada, as an institution might appeal the in-and-out ruling? To suggest some personal motivation without any evidence is a groundless accusation.

This notion that there's a Liberal bureaucracy in Elections Canada and the Chief Electoral Officer is on a personal vendetta against the Conservatives is just ridiculous stuff. This is what the Conservatives foist on us. How on earth can we have impartial elections in this country if our elections apparatus is so hopelessly biased? See where it takes us? The governing party doesn't care that this is the delegitimizing nonsense they're promulgating.

Do take note, as well, of the other aspect of the conspiracy theory being floated by Conservatives: "The Conservatives think Mr. Mayrand's plan may be to wait them out - spending taxpayers dollars to continue what they say is "blatant harassment"." Crikey! They've cracked the plot by Elections Canada! Harper's enemies are lining up to get him by "waiting the Conservatives out." To what end, who knows. But what a concoction and what a reflection of this Conservative party.