Monday, February 22, 2010

The Great Recalibration of 2010: coming next week

And being spun by a PMO official near you, always a noteworthy occasion. All that recalibration spin and we're not really hearing inklings of a particularly innovative or prorogation-worthy budget. Here is the messaging:
Federal spending growth will be reined in across the board to help slay the deficit with the exceptions of funding for pensions, health care and education.

A senior government official said Monday the key themes of next week's Speech from the Throne and federal budget will be creating jobs and recovering from the recession. The budget will include a plan for Canada to climb out of deficit, but will not balance the books "on the backs" of Canadians by raising taxes, the official said.
The Conservative official said there will be no new measures in the budget as the government embarks on the second of a two-year fiscal stimulus plan.
It is sounding like a non-boat rocking budget, in political terms. All that recalibration talk as rationale for the prorogation and it's sounding like predictable themes and predictable talking point positioning in advance of the budget, albeit with the detail to come. Can't help but have that feeling that the prorogation break has not gone according to plan, that the Olympic halo has not ascended, they're going to play it safe.

Wrote the highly skeptical blogger...

Update (5:20 p.m.): The Globe points out, no new spending means no extension of the Home Renovation Tax Credit.