Sunday, February 07, 2010

Harper meets the demon sheep (video), etc.

This one's making the rounds...a spoof of the Carly Fiorina "demon sheep" attack ads against her California governor primary opponent done by the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation:
A California political video recently questioned whether a certain candidate was a Fiscal Conservative In Name Only (FCINO). It soon went viral and got hundreds of thousands of views in a few days. From there, it was only natural to spoof Harper who has been called the same thing and by more than one observer. Yes, many fiscal conservatives have rightfully (yes, pun intended) wondered why it was that the Chretien-Martin regime could eliminate the debt for 11 years, and it is the Harper regime that could undo all that progress.
For more Conservative pot stirring this weekend, here's a report on that Manning Centre conference in Edmonton on the "future of Alberta." The report reads as if it were an issue that more Alberta provincial MLAs weren't in attendance. Could be an indication of how much they appreciated this conference coming along at a time when the Wildrose Alliance is doing well in the polls. Danielle Smith had a platform on the Friday evening and Wildrose member Link Byfield provides an interesting quote:
...Link Byfield, a prominent member of the Wildrose Alliance, said the weekend conference is speeding toward a key moment in Alberta politics.

"I think the subtext of what comes out of this is this is the great moment of transition," he said. "I think increasingly, the question has crystallized, 'Is this the moment?'"
Who knows? But I'm sure they thank the Manning Centre for the timely opportunity to be co-featured at a high profile conservative conference:
Leading up to the conference, Manning said it was focused on the Progressive Conservative and Wildrose Alliance parties because the polls indicate they are the two leading options for Albertans.
Yes, shocking that Stelmach's gang weren't there.

Probably just harmless videos and a little bit of philosophical self-examination going on...I'm sure it's all fine for the Conservative folk.