Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maxime Bernier: strike nineteen

We had a lot of fun here at the blog cataloguing Maxime's exploits while Foreign Affairs Minister. Some long time readers may remember the strike watch, which started out innocently enough. Strike one, strike two, strike three, you're out was the idea. Little did we know that the tally would climb so high. It took sixteen strikes for Maxime to be finally called out although we were really losing count during the tumultuous Couillard era. So here we are, hauling it out for old time's sake and a special occasion.

This has to be one of his all time greatest hits: "Maxime Bernier challenges climate science." I mean, this is like Clouseau going after Stephen Hawking or some other better analogy you might conjure up in your head. Gilles Duceppe had the line of the day on this one:
"Mr. Bernier's expertise lies more in Joe Louis than climate change," Duceppe said, referring to the sweet, chocolate-coated vanilla pastries invented in the Beauce region that Bernier represents.

Any excuse to haul out that one, any excuse at all.

On the climate denial aspect of Bernier's salvo, here's a good read from the Pembina Institute that was making its way around twitter the other day. And a good take on what might be done as a counter measure to those planting seeds of doubt, particularly now that a prominent member of the Harper government is dallying with denial.

Bernier really timed this well, what with Jim "Clean Energy Superpower" Prentice in Washington yesterday. His day there was largely overshadowed and his effort to make amends with Charest was probably thrown off too. Bernier sure knows when to make a splash.

Now if this does indeed mark the commencement of some kind of Conservative leadership jockeying among Prentice, Jean Charest and yes, Maxime Bernier, this blog would heartily endorse this development. Please, carry on with all the jockeying.