Sunday, February 07, 2010

Maybe Karl Rove is available

"Tories to hire 'green' adviser." This bit of farming out our environmental policy to the U.S. just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? It's Ari Fleischer redux apparently as the Conservatives, with no capabilities of their own are looking south for help. We're not just watching and waiting on the Americans, looks like we're hiring an American as well:
The Conservative government seeks to hire a high-level adviser to make sure Canada isn't side-swiped by Washington's global-warming debate.
The successful applicant, to be chosen later this month, is expected to tap into "personal and business contacts" south of the border over the next three years to help Canada gain a voice in a raucous policy debate over how to cut emissions."In support of Canada's commitment to harmonize and align a range of principles, policies, regulations and standards with the United States, this consultant will help Environment Canada gain ongoing in-depth analytical insight into developments related to United States climate change and air pollution policy," a spokesperson for Environment Canada said in an email.

The department would not explain how this job would differ from the role normally played by bureaucrats and foreign diplomats.
That "high-level adviser to make sure Canada isn't side-swiped by Washington's global-warming debate?" I thought we had one of those. That would be our Environment Minister.

And a three year contract? If that's the time frame we're looking at for continued inaction from this government, that's an insightful detail.

Besides, don't we have an embassy down there replete with intelligent staffers? And didn't we just appoint a shiny new ambassador who was supposed to have all these nifty contacts in the U.S.?
Not only is Doer one of Canada's most accomplished and respected politicians, he is one of the very few contemporary Canadian politicians who can claim a bona fide American network, including governors, senior Obama administration officials, members of Congress and the business community.
And environmental knowledge?
Gary Doer made environmental protection a key policy issue since first elected Manitoba NDP leader in 1988. Doer had Manitoba sign on to the Western Climate Initiative and the Midwest Governors Greenhouse Gas Accord. He also signed a 2006 MOU with California Governor Schwarzenegger on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Why then do we need to go Republican-adviser buying and making end runs around existing institutions?