Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday funnies

Cough, cough:
The federal Tories admit that they did not anticipate the blowback from prorogation.

The Prime Minister has never minded criticism, but in this case all the flak he's taken since the start of the year must be galling, since he had to be talked into prorogation against his will, according to a number of senior Conservatives.

"If it had been down to him, Parliament would have taken a 10-day break and come back to work," revealed one MP. (emphasis added)
One of the funniest things you will read all year. What a collection we have running the country.

One might be more inclined to believe such spin if the tactical move in question, here prorogation, was out of character with the PM's modus operandi. But we know the record, the obstruction of parliamentary committees for which they created a manual, the neutering, firing and driving out of parliamentary officers, the refusal to cooperate with the Afghan Special Commons Committee, etc., ad infinitum. The p-bomb is Harper's to own, it's true to his character.

What else do we read? Oh, the recalibration effort is struggling to prove itself worthy of the extended break:
One Conservative said he was shocked to receive an email from the PMO last week calling for ideas for the Speech for the Throne, which will come down in less than two weeks. "I couldn't believe it. Has the tank really run dry?"
Hey guys, here are some ideas. How about a made-in-Canada climate change plan for starters? How about a replacement for the NRU, a long term solution to the isotope situation? There's plenty to be done, if only our government had a clue.

Poor put upon Stephen Harper, it's the scene.