Saturday, February 06, 2010

Simple answers to stupid questions

To borrow a blog title commonly used by pogge, came across a question from the proroguer-in-chief issued at, what else, a hockey p.r. event, that begs for an answer:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a serious hockey buff, played the role of interviewer Friday night as he quizzed NHL legends Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky at a Saskatoon charity event.

The trio's chit-chat emulated a Hockey Night In Canada feature, The Hotstove, as Howe and Gretzky answered questions ranging from the state of the game today, to their thoughts on career longevity.

"What's the secret to longevity?" Harper asked, as members of the audience chuckled. Harper leads a minority government in Ottawa.

"Maybe I'm asking [that question] personally," he added, sensing the knowing elbow-nudges from the crowd. "How do you stick around for a while?"
The "secret to longevity" would start with not shutting down Canada's democratic institution, the Parliament of Canada, to play political games. That would be a basic that any democrat would know. But by all means, keep milking the hockey connection to mask prorogation vacation. Operation piano-man part two...mentions of hockey shall be commensurate with declining poll numbers. Also known as: Harper's Law.

Meanwhile, how 'bout those polls these days?