Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Twitter Olympics

What the Olympics have been like for a lot of us...:) Except maybe a little hipper in Montreal. The phenomenon was noted in the NY Times this week as well:
Blogs and social Web sites like Facebook and Twitter enable an online water-cooler conversation, encouraging people to split their time between the computer screen and the big-screen TV.

The Nielsen Company, which measures television viewership and Web traffic, noticed this month that one in seven people who were watching the Super Bowl and the Olympics opening ceremony were surfing the Web at the same time.
One more Olympic item, the Times also had a cool audio representation of just how close the gold, silver and bronze medallists were in a number of sports. Try the Men's Skeleton, John Montgomery's race, to listen to how close the top two were. Also fun, the Women's 1000m speedskating results show just how competitive that race was and therefore how great a win it was for the Canadian, Christine Nesbitt. Clever ideas these Times people come up with.

One more day, then back to normality...