Wednesday, March 03, 2010

And one more big investigation coming from Information Commissioner

Suzanne Legault, the Information Commissioner, is promising a "systemic investigation" into the increasing failure of government departments in meeting time requirements for disclosure of information. Delayed information can translate into less useful information, it's a means for a crafty government to defeat the purpose of the act. Delay dilutes the information's impact and puts a burden on the requesting party to keep pursuing it. It's become a rampant problem under the Harper government.

Legault's office is starting this investigation in April and her contract is up in July. If she's not removed by Harper before that date, that is. Legault requested funds for the investigation from the Harper government and they So she's revised her budget to make room for the investigation.

Coming in for special scrutiny will be the "two tracking" that's been taking place, where individual citizen requests are handled on an expedited basis yet media requests are tracked off into a quagmire involving ministerial offices and therefore political considerations.

Full support for Suzanne Legault from this and I'm sure many other corners. You get the feeling these days that our democracy is, in some respects, hanging by threads and that her office is one of them.