Thursday, March 11, 2010

Democracy 2.0

The principal idea in this column by Gordon Gibson today, in which he most graciously provides advice to the Liberal party on the occasion of the upcoming Canada 150 conference in Montreal, is worth supporting: "Get down to basics, Liberals."
...there is one “basic” where the Liberals could stake out ground that simply can't be criticized: bringing democracy back to Canada.
An issue that has ripened like no other under PM Harper. Not all of Gibson's ideas are out and out supportable, but he's right in saying that there's no way the Conservatives could credibly embrace a platform of democratic reform. It's wide open to be grabbed as political territory. The prorogation uproar with its polling support indicate that there is an appetite that such issues be spoken to by politicians.

I see the Jurist is looking at this tonight too, with a similar take, i.e., good idea Gordo but not on board with all of it. Nice to see the Jurist taking an interest in the Liberal fortunes too...:)