Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Desktop wallpaper of the day

For today's "Enough" moment: "Tories say they'll ignore vote to ban tax-funded mailings." That should be a neat trick. Presumably the Board of Internal Economy will take up the Commons vote to eliminate the ten percenters at some point, to enforce the directive that "...the House directs its Board of Internal Economy to take all necessary steps to end immediately..." the mailers. The Speaker is the tie-breaker on that board, so unless he's inclined to ignore a majority vote of the House of Commons, I don't see how this rogue government gets its way on this one.

Update: Oh, maybe I do see how. More here from CP on NDP position.

Update (9:10 p.m.): Star article sheds more light on the parties' machinations over the ten percenters today. Conservative whip Jay Hill now saying they'll conditionally abide by the move:
...the Conservatives say they’ll support ending the mailings on the condition that other parties agree too when a secret all-party Commons’ committee meets Monday to discuss the issue.

“We’re not going to unilaterally disarm. But if it applies to everyone, we will support that,” Government house Leader Jay Hill said Wednesday.
Time for everybody to put up...