Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dr. No: His first cut isn't the deepest

In like a lamb with the first cuts:
"Following this review that has taken place of some 2,700 position, there will be a reduction of 245 positions to the boards, agencies and commissions that operate with government and that receive appointments by government," Day told reporters gathered at a news conference.
Day said the cuts will save Ottawa at least $1 million on an annual basis, which he characterized as being part of an "overall approach" to making government operations more efficient.

Based on the numbers Day quoted at the press conference, the 245 positions compute to just over nine per cent of the 2,700 total governor-in-council positions.

Day said many of the positions being eliminated are currently vacant, which means Ottawa will save money by not appointing people to those positions in the future.
$1 million dollars. So let's see, as we learned yesterday, they had previously loaded up the boards in question with Conservative patronage appointments. We also learned that they really weren't intending to appoint any others to the outstanding positions and most of them were vacant anyway. This really sums it up:
If all the jobs had been filled, Ottawa would be saving a paltry $1.2-million a year in pay and salaries as a result of these appointment cuts. By comparison, the budget deficit for the year ending March 31 will be $53.8-billion.
So a whole heck of a lot wasn't accomplished here other than a reminder of Conservative patronage packing and some over-dramatized slashing.

As, Stock, newly crowned Dr. No proceeds, we will be watching around here with great interest.