Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma

Except not so much:
The Conservatives have passed up a chance to seize control of a key Senate committee that they regularly attack for stalling or watering down government bills.

Now that the Tories hold more seats in the upper chamber than the Liberals, they can reconfigure committees to reflect their new power.

But instead of taking the chair of the legal and constitutional affairs committee, which has been examining hot-button crime bills, they left that job to Liberal Senator Joan Fraser.
Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has attacked Liberals on the committee for stalling and sabotaging bills that had already been passed in the House of Commons. Most recently, the committee ran up afoul of the government over mandatory minimum sentences for pot growers.
The report suggests rationales as to why the Conservatives would surprisingly decline to take the lead of this very important committee which plays such a vital role in clearing the Conservative law and order agenda. You know, the law and order agenda that never seems to get passed due to all the prorogation and election type things initiated by Stephen Harper, law and order poseur extraordinaire. So we read in the report that Liberal Senator and still chair of the committee Fraser is well regarded by both Liberals and Conservatives, the Conservatives will still have a majority on the committee, yadda, yadda, yadda, to explain why Conservatives would not take this chair position. Bunk.

No more excuses from the Conservatives please. They had the opportunity to chair this committee, they declined and any hint of continued obstruction rhetoric - if that's the plan from the bunker brain trust - should be laughed out of the chamber.