Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Late night appointment watch: controversial agency head version

Lawrence Cannon has confirmed Gerard Latulippe's appointment as the President of Rights & Democracy. By press release last night, 10:20 p.m.: Appointment of New President of Rights & Democracy. Of course they confirmed the nominee who had been unanimously rejected by the opposition, despite the requirement that the government consult the opposition. That consultation was (and is) supposed to mean something. Not to these malgoverning Conservatives though. Non-partisan agency, as the press release reads, what is this you speak of, say the Conservatives.

And of course they plowed ahead despite the disclosure on Monday of controversial remarks by Latulippe, "that the concentration of immigrants in Montreal, as well as the "geographic concentration of more and more immigrants from Muslim countries" undermined "the proper functioning of Quebec society." This is likely why they confirmed his appointment under cover of darkness.

Such cynical behaviour, this government rarely disappoints in that regard. How much attention can people pay to this one, after all, the World's Longest Throne Speech™ is about to become the day's preoccupation.