Wednesday, March 10, 2010

L'etat, c'est lui

"No freeze on spending for PM's own bureaucracy."
The very day the Speech from the Throne delivered a tough message of restraint to curb a $53.8 billion deficit, the government released financial estimates showing that the budget for the Prime Minister's own department is expected to spike by 21.9 per cent – or more than $13 million.
What else would we expect from Stephen Harper, budding Louis Quatorze? Leadership by example? His personalized PMO-stamped Privy Council Office is now a Stephen Harper video production facility, photo-op factory, access to information hub, throne speech hogging, partisan website administering quagmire. The double standard is glaring:
In last week's throne speech, the Conservatives pledged to freeze the salaries of the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers, MPs and senators, hold the line on spending for ministerial office budgets and freeze departmental operating budgets.

An official in the Prime Minister's office referred calls to staff in the Privy Council office, who agreed to look into the issue but did not have a response Tuesday.
What could they say anyway? It'll take more than a day to come up with something clever. I think I'll bet on something along the lines of "But, but, the Liberals..." in the next day or so. That's always a good bet.

Update: I know, I know, PMO & PCO are separate. Right.