Friday, March 12, 2010

The Ritz is still on the job

Hey, this sounds familiar..."Link made between listeriosis cases, contaminated deli meat."
Ontario's chief medical officer confirmed Friday a link between listeriosis cases and contaminated deli meat produced at a federally regulated meat plant — the first since Canada was rocked in the summer of 2008 with a deadly outbreak.
So how's all that Canadian Food Inspection Agency reform going, after the listeriosis outbreak led to 22 Canadians dying in the summer of 2008? From reporting at the end of January:
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Wednesday received a failing grade from its own meat inspectors for not moving quickly enough on the "vast majority" of recommendations made six months ago to improve food safety.

The midterm report on the agency's response to a special investigator's recommendations comes after Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz vowed to implement each of Sheila Weatherill's 57 proposals.
"An audit has not even begun, and the CVS remains unevaluated. The inspector shortage is as acute as ever, and we continue to be hobbled by an inspection system that is deeply flawed," said Bob Kingston, president of the public service's agriculture union representing meat inspectors.
But, but..."When the challenge is understood, when the goal is clearly defined, and when Canadians are given the tools, Canada can get things done." Except meat inspection. Better add that to the list too.