Thursday, March 25, 2010

Transparently redacted dumpage

With the Speaker's ruling on the privilege question still to come and with the possibility that the ruling may lead to contempt proceedings within the next month, the Harper crew has decided to do a "surprise document dump" today. They have released about 2,500 or so redacted documents today. Word is that these are not the documents required by the parliamentary order that is looming in the background. So this seems to be a p.r. episode, and see this message brought to you by the PMO:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's spokesman, Dimitri Soudas, said the release is a show of "transparency" on the government's part.

"It's ensuring that Parliament gets the information that it needs," he said. "We've always said that we're going to make available all information that can be made available."
Yes, you do always say things like that. It's government by p.r. agency, it's not serious.

This is clearly meant to influence the Speaker, to give the appearance of compliance, as he wrestles with his ruling. I'm sure he can see that.

P.S. I wonder what other "surprise" releases/news events/announcements will occur this weekend...