Sunday, March 07, 2010

Two tracks

I'm sure Rob Nicholson is noticing that since his Friday proposal to have Justice Iacobucci review Afghan detainee documents, there have now been two media reports bringing forth to the public some of the facts in those documents. See this afternoon's Canadian Press report on CSIS' role in interrogations, an unknown role to date: "CSIS played critical role in Afghan prisoner interrogations: documents, sources." Combine that report with CBC's from Friday night: "Canada wanted Afghan prisoners tortured: lawyer," (video).

Whether the government likes it or not (they don't), it looks like we are going to have some kind of public review of what's in those documents. There are continuing leaks that just don't seem to be stopping and indeed seem to be multiplying each time the government seeks to control the information flow. They might take the big flaming hints.