Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The tyranny of the polls

What's it been, an hour since the last horse race poll? These pollster people are slippping, geez. Shouldn't they be polling on the hour now that Parliament is getting back in session? Slackers.

Let's review...

Oh look: "Tories-Liberals both stalled: poll." 31-31 says Harris Decima on the two leading parties.

But, oh, look: Angus Reid poll says Conservative 4 point advantage.

Then, oh! Look! Canwest pumping their Ipsos stuff: "Canadians would elect another Tory minority." Causing some angst.

But hey, big time news organizations, you each forgot the part where your brother and sister polls are indicating different things. That thing called context, reporting. Overridden by the polling relationship the news organizations have. Not meaning to gripe so much here but to point out the clear deficiency to which we're constantly exposed. It's all misleading unless you weigh the multiple results. The news is letting us down. On what other issue could they get away with such omissions? It's ludicrous that it goes on given that it's only our political state of being that is at issue.

The multiplicity of polls is not the problem, it's the reporting on them that is in need of change.