Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Another reason to like the UK election

Built-in negotiating time after election day! For coalition talk or otherwise!
"In announcing the election for 6 May Brown announced the new parliament will not return until 18 May, giving nearly two weeks for the political parties to negotiate among themselves in the event of a hung parliament. That is six days more than normal, and is clearly designed by the civil service to protect the Queen from being drawn into deciding the identity of the future prime minister in the event of deadlock. The Lib Dems stressed they will support the party with a clear mandate."
If there is a minority result and coalition or accord discussions take place afterward, which is what this time frame seems to contemplate, it would be a good precedent to be held up in Canada. After the misinformation that has been spread in Canada about the workings of parliamentary democracy and permissible permutations, particularly during and after the 2008 December constitutional crisis with the irresponsible "coup" talk, whatever happens in Britain after this election and onwards into the life of the resulting government could be a very useful mirror for our own purposes.

Note the part about protecting the Queen from being drawn into a parliamentary conflict, how considerate. We don't mind putting our Governor General right in the thick of things, do we? It's even a consideration now as a successor is being lined up.

They seem positively civilized over there compared to Canadian democracy in the Harper era. But we will wait to see what happens in a month's time.