Saturday, April 24, 2010

Circling the wagons

Update (Sunday a.m.) below.

This expression of loyalty out of Simcoe Grey today was to be expected: "True blue Tories in Guergis riding support MP." This was the first formal opportunity for the riding association to weigh in. But behind the expressions of support, there's reality.

There is rumbling about others challenging Guergis. While Andy Beaudoin, "the association's outgoing secretary," expressed derision at those persons ("The people that I see or hear being quoted I've never heard of before. They've never asked for a sign on their lawn. They've never volunteered to help. They've never gone door to door ... So I don't know who these great Conservatives are."), such concerns haven't stopped great democrat Harper before:
The federal Conservatives have appointed the woman who runs Toronto's port authority as the party's candidate in Halton, sparking anger among some party supporters in the riding upset that the nomination process was overruled.
The RCMP investigation, that may or may not be happening, is referenced in the CP report. There's also the ethics one which may have legs. Guergis' explanation last week that she assured herself Jaffer had "absolutely no business links or financial interest in" the company she promoted to her cousin doesn't jibe with revelations this week, that Jaffer's company asked the government for green funding in the order of $100 million for the same company. That matter is not media generated, despite the resentment present in the reporting today.

So that's a problem for Guergis' candidacy. As is Harper's Operation Blame Jaffer which is seeking mucho distance between the Conservatives and all things Jaffer/Guergis, despite the revelations over access that Jaffer/Glemaud have apparently had to multiple ministries. Throw in important questions of misleading the House of Commons. It does seem to drip, drip, drip onwards.

Update (Sun. a.m.): Harper has moved fast to quash any notion that may have been in the air on Saturday to the effect that Guergis could possibly run again: "Tories don't want Guergis to run again: source."