Monday, April 19, 2010

Hope for the gun registry

Very happy to see this today:
We won’t abandon gun control. Not when rifles and shotguns are responsible for half the police officers killed in the line of duty in the last few years. Not when the gun registry is a vital tool that law enforcement uses every single day.

And so, when the Hoeppner bill comes to third reading in the House of Commons, we will stand united as Liberals and vote against it.

A number of our MPs supported the Hoeppner Bill at an earlier stage, out of frustration with the problems that exist in the gun registry.

We’ve worked with those MPs to create the reform package I’ve just announced—sensible changes that address legitimate concerns, while upholding the integrity of the gun registry.
It certainly sounds as if the Liberal MPs who voted with Candace Hoeppner at second reading have been consulted and would be on board with these changes. The priority at the moment is to ensure that Liberals support the registry and not allow the Conservatives to scrap it.

We know what's next...if this is what indeed occurs, that Liberals vote against C-391 at third reading, as will the Bloc, it will then fall to the NDP to help the Conservatives axe the gun registry. That's not where they want to be, is it?