Saturday, April 03, 2010

iPad frenzy

The big event of the day, the release of the iPad:

Did you hear the guy say that he feels like it's his graduation day what with all the applause and the escort up the stairs? What events these Apple people manage to pull off with their device launches.

They even manage to lure Canadian politicos. I see Warren Kinsella's been off to Buffalo to get his and he scored.

Here's what David Pogue of the NY Times did with his video on the iPad's release. It's a little corny but it gives a fair sense of what it would be like to have one of these, what the pros and cons are, and he is one of the leading tech gurus.

The attraction of this device to me is the screen size, maybe catching a demographic wave with the aging population. Who wants to stretch and read a BlackBerry or an iPhone when you can see more clearly on the iPad? You can envision, too, the coming model morphs where they enlarge the size, make them lighter, etc. The portability of this device as opposed to a laptop that is heavier, also an attraction. Lugging around a laptop, even keeping the accessories to an absolute minimum, is still quite a haul, having to set up, etc. This device cuts all of that out.

For bloggers et al., that virtual keyboard might be annoying. The principal reason I did not go to an iPhone a few months ago. But this guy seems to think it's going to be ok, so this is interesting:

So maybe that keyboard accessory isn't a must if you wanted to blog with it. You could probably learn to live with the virtual keyboard for short posts, twitter or quick "Blog This" items. The live blogging crowd may take to this, who knows. But as Pogue says, this may not be a major content creation device but more of a passive entertainment or information device.

Fun stuff to watch. Maybe down the road...