Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So not Tim Hortons

The Globe reports today that Rahim Jaffer, private citizen, was chauffeured around in Helena Guergis' government car:
In an interview, the former driver to Ms. Guergis said he usually brought her to work in the morning, and then took care of the transportation needs of Mr. Jaffer, who lived with Ms. Guergis in Ottawa during the week. The practice occurred for a period after the fall, 2008, election, when Mr. Jaffer lost his Edmonton seat.

“During the day, if he needed my services, he would call me, or she would call me to tell me to go and pick him up at such and such a place,” said Ms. Guergis’s former chauffeur, who spoke to The Globe and Mail on condition of anonymity to protect his current position. “He kept me busier; she was usually at the office during the day.”

Ms. Guergis’s former chauffeur said he frequently took Mr. Jaffer to and from Parliament Hill, restaurants and various other places, without asking Mr. Jaffer exactly what he was doing or why he wasn’t driving his own car. The chauffeur said he also ran personal errands for Ms. Guergis.

“It wasn’t up to me to decide if it was acceptable. The minister gave her orders, and I wanted to keep my job, so I didn’t ask questions,” he said.
As Canadian Press reported yesterday, the "PMO didn't want to know" about any of the goings on in Guergis' office, turning a blind eye to such abuses:
"The sad reality is those of us who were working with her knew there were problems - folks in the PMO didn't want to know about it," said one former staffer, who spoke to The Canadian Press on condition of anonymity.
It's the accountable, Tim Hortons-branded Harper Conservatives in action...