Monday, April 26, 2010

This might be one of those skeletons

"Get those Jaffer skeletons out of closet, MPs told," by the PMO:
Stephen Harper’s office is encouraging (demanding?) cabinet ministers and MPs come forward with any information of any meetings they may have had with former Tory MP Rahim Jaffer, according to sources.

This plea to caucus is an attempt by the Prime Minister’s Office to avoid being blind-sided in the Jaffer/Helena Guergis affair. “People were encouraged to share information so no one would be surprised,” a Conservative insider told The Globe. “Being shy is not what [PMO officials] would want.”
This guy is in trouble (from Question Period today):
The Speaker: The honourable MEMBER FOR St. JOHN'S South-Mount Pearl.

So, the minister's not going to table a list? Investment executive magazine reported that, last september, Mr. JAFFER ORGANIZED a day-long meeting in Toronto between a group of banking executives and the Conservative financial services caucus, including the chair of the commons finance committee. Now, transparency doesn't mean you tell only when you're caught. We know this meeting took place. How many other such meetings DID Mr. JAFFER ORGANIZE FOR Conservative members of parliament? And what was promised or discussed?
Sounds like former Finance Committee chair, James Rajotte, who was chair at the time of that September 2009 meeting.