Friday, April 09, 2010

Well he will appear in almost any movie...

A little U.K. election check-in...Michael Caine endorses the Tories in Britain for their national service plan. Seriously, that's why he's in:
Last year, the star of films such as Get Carter, The Italian Job and Alfie spoke of his fury at Alistair Darling's decision in the 2009 budget to increase income tax to 50% for the country's highest earners.

The actor, who has homes in Surrey and Chelsea, threatened to move to America, where he lived in the 1970s and 1980s as a tax exile.

"Tax got to 82% [in the 1970s] and I thought this was kind of unfair," he said. "Also, I see ... that the government has taken it up to 50% and if it goes to 51 I will be back in America.

"I will not pay the government more than I get. No way, ever. So they've reached their limit with me. That's the lot."