Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The word "teabagger" comes to mind

The raucous U.S. tea party movement found a compadre in Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz last night, who called for Iggy's caucus to give him a beating:
“The government prorogued Parliament to realign the Senate committees so our party could finally pass some legislation,” explains Breitkreuz. “Now that it’s finally possible to garner Senate support to scrap the registry, the Liberal leader is trying to completely change the game in the House of Commons. It’s an act of desperation that insults the intellect of Canadians. His true colours are showing, and if his caucus has any integrity, those colours should be black and blue.
He's apologized and Dimitri Soudas called it "in poor taste and inappropriate." But instead of leaving it at that, to settle down the vitriolic momentum toward Ignatieff that Breitkreuz unleashed, Soudas nevertheless proceeded to take a dig at Ignatieff for his gun registry position. Misreading a moment that called for a flat out apology, devoid of partisanship.

Think such remarks don't have consequences? That there's nothing to see here? Check out all the debate going on in the U.S. over heated rhetoric and numerous recent incidents of politically motivated violence. We'd be naive to think we're immune to such developments and such rhetoric is not helpful.

Since Michael Ignatieff's speech on the gun registry on Monday, I think it's fair to say the Conservatives are very concerned that their long awaited goal of scrapping the gun registry is receding and they're reacting. So we see the emotional outburst from Breitkreuz's office. (Breitkreuz is probably not the last of it, BCL will find it all.) There's word that radio ads are ready to run against the 8 Liberals now too. No ads against the NDP friends, yet. The House of Commons effort is there: Hoeppner's Member Statement in the Commons on Monday, the Rickford Member Statement on Tuesday, the Conservative on Conservative question on Tuesday in Question Period. All signs of the massive organizational effort that the government and Conservative party will put behind their so-called private member's bill in the next month before that vote happens.

These developments since Monday are very telling as to what's at stake. As Breitkreuz said, they didn't prorogue and re-jig the Senate for nothing and one of the biggies is the scrapping of the registry.