Friday, May 07, 2010

Again on the Stephen watch

Update (6:05 p.m.) below.

"Harper government launches major job creating construction projects."

Another announcement where it appears they wish to draw attention for political benefit. Any coincidence that we've seen three this week, two on tax issues, then this one today, as the prospect of an election kicks around in the background?

There may be those shrugging their shoulders thinking these little things are tiresome, get off it already. That's the way such creeping (and creepy) improprieties become the norm. So they will continue to be noted.

(h/t a little birdie)

Update (6:05 p.m.): Email just received with an observation that may be of interest:)
Something I noticed today when I saw Harper being interviewed & in a presser is that he's losing weight again. Now THAT's a sure sign of a coming election!
Al Gore did that too.