Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iggy makes a break on MP expenses

He's doing the right thing, moving the issue forward:"Michael Ignatieff wants auditor to meet with MPs in expense dispute."
“I understand what Canadians are saying,” the Liberal Leader told reporters Wednesday after an event in Calgary. “They want accountability and transparency. We are going to find a way … we have to work out a way to move forward on this.”
“What I support is Sheila Fraser, the Auditor General, coming to the Board of Internal Economy,” he said, “and talking about what she wants to do and then taking it from there.”
The Liberal Leader also cautioned that the issues isn’t just “my problem.” The other three parties have to be onside, too.
Sure it'll be attacked as backtracking and not the perfect scrum but that's the inevitable Iggy hatorade that's ubiquitous these days. He simply did the right thing today. So good for him.

Expressing support for Sheila Fraser to enter that inner sanctum of the BOIE is likely going to set a train in motion now that's going to be very difficult to stop. Once the Auditor General is in the arena looking for something, she tends to get it (see this little battle that was extinguished earlier this week for example).