Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The "Liberal Speaker"

Kory Teneycke was just on CBC's Power & Politics. His comments were really something, totally inflammatory regarding the Speaker's ruling. If this is what's to come from Conservatives, it's really shameful. Teneycke referred to Milliken as "the Liberal Speaker" of the House of Commons, insinuating that the ruling favours the Liberals and NDP and that essentially, Milliken is biased. The scorched earth spin from Teneycke is just plain wrong, however. Constitutional experts have weighed in, heavily, in support of the ruling and its rightness on parliamentary supremacy.

Notably, Conservative Tom Lukiwski disagreed with Teneycke's framing of the issue in a subsequent panel. That is a good sign but it could just be a good cop-bad cop tiresome rhetorical strategy we might see.

It's a bridge too far to be sliming the Speaker the way Teneycke did. It will likely make the opposition more resolved, in any event. And it's just more typical partisan excess from Conservatives that is just not appropriate for this serious issue.

Update: If this is what we're going to see, I hope the opposition gets some clarity in its response. Harper defying parliament. And so on.