Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More of that juxtaposing thing...

Ignatieff today:
“I understand what Canadians are saying,” the Liberal Leader told reporters Wednesday after an event in Calgary. “They want accountability and transparency. We are going to find a way … we have to work out a way to move forward on this.”
The Prime Minister's Office:
As for her extensive travel expenses, government sources have always maintained they're paid by the party.

Then, as now, no one in the Prime Minister's Office would go on the record about Muntean's salary and expenses — meaning no one can be held accountable for statements made to the media that turn out to be false or misleading.

The Public Accounts of Canada list an M. Muntean travelling among the prime minister's entourage at taxpayer expense for five trips abroad in 2006-07, five in 2007-08 and six in 2008-09. The data for 2009-10 is not yet available online.
The Privy Council Office:
A newly released audit has found officials in the Privy Council Office improperly "backdated" approvals for legal expenses that ran over budget at the Oliphant Commission.
Someone is missing in action in the face of significant ethical transgressions pointed in his direction.