Sunday, May 02, 2010

Oh, is there politics going on?

I love it when people get all suddenly exercised about politics being played with an issue that's been well politicized for months now.

This guy in particular:
Robert Finch, dominion chair of the Monarchist League of Canada, said Ignatieff's "peculiar" public declaration risks politicizing the appointment process and compromising the GG's independence.

"I'm a little bit blown away," Finch said in an interview. "It's certainly unusual for a leader of an Opposition — or anybody, actually — to go public with their suggestions as to who should be governor general.

"It kind of opens the realm to politics and you don't want politics entering into the nomination process of the governor general."
Yeah. Where have you been guy?

What is the other side of the coin though? "Senior sources" have been floating names on Jean's replacement for a while now. Ignatieff's not doing anything that the Harper Conservatives have not already done. For example, on April 4th, out of the Harper government:
A senior source says the Man in Motion, Rick Hansen, a paraplegic athlete who put spinal cord injuries on the public agenda during a worldwide wheelchair tour 25 years ago, has already been approached about taking on the job and thrown cold water on the idea.

“He’s not interested. He’s been approached, but he’s got long-range aims and objectives,” said one source.
In December, Conservative sympathizers were detailing the history of tensions between the Conservatives and Jean, laying the groundwork for her replacement.

There's been an undercurrent of dislike for Jean emanating from Conservatives almost during the entire stretch of her tenure. This has not been good for the independence of the position and has put Jean under the microscope when she's had to make monumental decisions on prorogation, twice now.

Ignatieff might have been better off in not issuing a formal release but who's kidding who? Jean's tenure has been well politicized by Conservatives for ages, Ignatieff is just the other side of the coin. He might have taken the high road and done things traditionally and properly but this is a new era. Anything seems to go, little is off limits politically. Jean is leaving anyway, that's for sure, but many Canadians are proud of her. You could look at the release today as a freebie political choice.

But, when Ignatieff does something, it's a magnifying lens that's applied these days.