Monday, May 10, 2010

On making it work

Brian Topp on Jack Layton's making parliament work philosophy:
...the political leadership in Britain – conservative, liberal, social democrat and nationalist – are responding to the democratic decision of the people of Britain to elect a multi-party Parliament in exactly the way Jack Layton did here in Canada.

They're looking for ways to make it work.

Mr. Layton tends to be right about things just a little bit ahead of our political culture. Developments in Britain – which now resembles most other European democracies – help make his point in this matter.

Which is that it is normal, democratic, and to be desired that parties compete as vigourously as possible during elections and then work together in Parliament afterward.(emphasis added)
So Layton was making it work after the 2006 and 2008 elections with the 79 consecutive no votes in a row on confidence matters against the government. Ahhh. See, I just did not get that it was a "making parliament work" thing when that was all happening. I also did not get that attacks on the official opposition like this one were actually part of "working together" too. Thanks, Brian Topp, for radically expanding my definition of what working together means.

Cooperative parliamentary governance, yes, that would be nice.

And if they're going for some kind of Clegg II strategy here, they just might get the insufferable part down pat...