Monday, May 10, 2010

Speaker's deadline approaches

Detainee document fight update:
"Mr. Goodale confirmed earlier reports that the committee of House leaders and whips negotiating the parliamentary access may ask for an extension, adding the government estimates so far there are at least a further 10,000 documents, on top of the piles the government has already tabled, and that estimates go up to 40,000 documents that have been produced on the subject since Canada first agreed to take part in the Afghanistan war in 2001.

Other MPs told The Hill Times that whatever the number, the opposition is confident it will eventually obtain all the information it is seeking.

"The Speaker has said we're entitled to see the documents, we are going to see the documents," New Democratic Party MP Jack Harris (St. John's East, Nfld.) said.

Despite the government's refusal for the past three years to release all the information, even in a censored form at a Military Police Complaints Commission inquiry, Mr. Harris said the opposition is confident the government will comply with the order and not hold back documents that would otherwise fall under Mr. Milliken's ruling.

"You have to have a certain amount of faith that the government is not going to break the law here, and if it turns out that the government, instead of passing over documents that are clearly relevant, if it's found to be that they refused to do so, that's a total contempt of the order of the House, a contempt of Parliament and a very serious thing," he said."

Still sounding like resolution is in the cards.

It's hard to see why Harper would want an election during the G8/G20. Political issues of late are not in his favour, i.e., maternal health politics and his former caucus chair Jaffer with all the issues that scandal poses for the government still remaining on the table. Stranger things have happened though.