Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Maddow video and other notes

Lazy, lazy weekend around here on the blog. Here's a weekend kind of video to take in, a bit longer than normal but if you're a fan, always worth a look. This is Rachel Maddow's recent commencement speech at Smith College, a liberal arts college in Massachusetts. I think she started out as a radio dj not too far from the college, so there's some relationship there. Anyway, it's not the most polished speech but there is some wisdom here, particularly the last 5-6 minutes. An interesting analogy she draws in the beginning too. Big fan of Rachel around here and what she does.


Other weekend reading:

Herbert on the Gulf.

Rawnsley on UK Tory David Cameron's coalition politics.

Broadbent on bank taxes.

Attention drawn to incompetent Canadian consulate services again, this time sparking a diplomatic incident with India.

The Harper hypocrisy documented once again, he does love those Challenger jets after years of bleating about Liberal use of them. That was then.

Finally, this is potentially ripe for abuse, with these clowns in charge, watch for it.