Saturday, June 12, 2010

Appeal for action on the gun registry

Gerard Kennedy, my MP, has sent out this appeal on the gun registry bill (C-391) in the event that it comes up for a vote next week. If you haven't done so, consider contacting Jack Layton in particular:
I hope this letter finds you well. Please find my latest MP report at I would like to draw your particular attention to the article on page 3 on gun control.

As it explains, there is a bill in the House of Commons from the Harper government to eliminate gun registration and control for over 6 million weapons in Canadian neighbourhoods that could come to a vote as early as next week.

The gun registry saves lives and is used by police over 13,000 times a day. I will be voting to preserve the registry along with my colleagues in the Liberal Caucus.

Unfortunately, Mr. Harper sees the registry solely in terms of an electoral wedge issue to divide urban and rural Canada.

I believe that Canadians are becoming aware of this exploitation but I need your help to save the gun registry. As leaders of community organizations and concerned individuals, I hope that you will take a few minutes to express yourself to Mr. Harper.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing it is also unclear what the 12 New Democrat MPs who voted for this bill earlier will do, so I ask you to reach out to Mr. Layton as well. Their contact information is below, as is my own (so that you may copy me).



Prime Minister Stephen Harper: or write to:
Office of the Prime Minister,
80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, K1A 0A2

Jack Layton, Leader of the NDP: or write to:
Jack Layton
300 - 279 Laurier West, Ottawa, K1P 5J9

Gerard Kennedy: or write to:
Gerard Kennedy, House of Commons, Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A6
Other gun registry notes...

CFSR's post last night highlighting victims of gun violence asking Jack Layton to whip his MPs on the vote.

Glen Pearson's recent post, where he notes that there are Conservatives who support the registry yet are being whipped, something you could surmise but nice to see an MP illlustrate, once again, the sham private member's status of this bill.

Go forth and email!