Thursday, June 24, 2010

Having it both ways with Vic Toews

Tuesday, Vic Toews dismisses Kevin Page for his Truth in Sentencing spending report:
Public Safety Minister Vic Toews quickly dismissed Page's report, saying he didn't "know where [Page] is getting his information from."
Wednesday, Vic Toews hearts Kevin Page for his summit spending report:
Conservative Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said the Page report vindicates the government. He noted that Mr. Page found the G8 summit security estimates reasonable and pointed out that the watchdog lauded the Harper government for being “relatively transparent, when compared with other countries,” on protective spending.
See how it all works out for Minister Vic? Sometimes he'll take what the PBO has to say, sometimes he'll leave it. It depends on what's what politically.

About that notion of vindication that Vic has though, a few problems for him. The 2010 RCMPers are 4X the cost of 2002 RCMPers, for reasons unknown and these “significant unexplained variances” are likely to be pursued by the Auditor General. Plus Page estimates the two-headed hydra of summit location choice as causing a wasted $200 million. Elsewhere that mistake was put at $400 million by another government official.

Vindication? Valiant effort but...not so much.