Friday, June 11, 2010

One of these things just doesn't belong

Oh the irony:
"I warmly invite you to join us at the International Bar Association’s 2010 Annual Conference in Vancouver.

Our huge network of international lawyers will surely enjoy gathering in Vancouver, with its vibrant business climate, diverse cultural background, and spectacular natural beauty. It is a perfect place for us to spend time together and share our knowledge and experience. I am pleased to note that the Prime Minister of Canada has been invited to open our conference!"
Inviting Stephen Harper to open an international law conference is like asking Tony Hayward to open an international environmental protection awards event. Maybe they should require him to attend their "Rule of Law Symposium" which "...will present a variety of distinguished speakers and interactively discuss the increasing erosion of the rule of law around the world and how best to promote adherence to its principles." He could withstand a lecture or two.

But heck, that's just me and my old-fashioned preference, as a lawyer, to listen to people who actually provide a decent example of respect for and adherence to the law.