Tuesday, June 08, 2010

One other thing $1 billion buys

A replacement nuclear reactor for Chalk River's NRU. The one we get all our medical isotope material from. Kind of important.

Dr. Robert Atcher, a big U.S. nuclear medicine leader would agree. Why do we care what he thinks? He's a prominent spokesperson in the field and is likely representative of what this community thinks of Canada's actions on this issue. He spoke to a news conference at the U.S. gathering of nuclear medicine yesterday and blasted the Canadian government for having reneged on the Maples reactors and in doing so, breaking our promise to continue the Canadian supply that a big chunk of the world, including a substantial part of the U.S. market relied upon. The Maple reactors were the reasons for the U.S. not building up their own supply. Our own nuclear medicine specialists are pretty ticked too.

$1 billion for a reactor that would be a proven source for isotope production and could fulfill nuclear research and high tech R & D needs. Versus the less expensive (if it works), experimental route the Harper government has chosen.

But we do have a two day billion dollar summit to host after all...

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