Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Pictures that speak a thousand words


Martha Hall Findlay used a good term this afternoon to describe the Conservatives' latest pronto criminal justice play, that play no doubt desperately grabbed from the shelf to deflect from boondoggle talk, Mulroney talk, etc. "Bad guy" justice, I believe was the phrase, describing aptly how the Conservatives of late scout out a bad guy and wrap legislation around their particular circumstances. Recall the Homolka pardon, another issue the four year Conservatives just woke up to as they scour the criminal justice scene.

The problem is that the heinous situation of the "bad guy" which may warrant action may not in fact make for good law. Whatever it is that the Conservatives are planning to propose now in terms of old age pensions and prisoners will need to be looked at carefully to ensure, for example, as Finley herself acknowledged:
Finley said spouses or common-law partners of inmates won't be affected by the new measures.

''We're not punishing them for the deeds of their spouse,'' she said.
And with less than a month left in the session anyway, this is likely just more public relations window dressing in any event. They tend to propose such law and order measures when scrambling politically but with little real prospect of getting them through a parliamentary session. They bring them too late, for example, like today's little photo-op launch.

Doesn't that picture just say it all. Wonder how many of those nifty sloganeered backdrops they have painted and ready to go at any one time.

P.S. Maybe they should have saved this one for tomorrow. Two in one day? Spread 'em out...