Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Short and not so sweet"

"Conservative pundit Kory Teneycke quits CBC." He's accepted a job with Quebecor in the tradition of the Luc Lavoie's of the world. Quebecor, the Conservative friendly media empire where Conservative luminaries go in the political after life.

And then there was all this:
Since Mr. Teneycke joined the public broadcaster as a pundit, he has attracted much controversy, landing in some hot water over the so-called culture wars. He accused EKOS pollster Frank Graves, who is one of the CBC’s pollsters, of being a Liberal partisan and demanded the pollster declare his bias.

NDP MP Charlie Angus complained to the CBC about its hiring of Mr. Teneycke, arguing that it was a “flagrant violation” of the broadcaster’s hiring practices that state there is to be a two-year cooling-off period between a partisan’s departure from his or her political party or pressure group and their employment by the broadcaster.

His complaint was dismissed by the CBC.
Yeah, there was all that, wasn't there?

Best wishes to him in his new private life.