Monday, June 14, 2010

Stock's total canard

Why do we think they might be doing this? "Feds dangle $10K cost-cutting carrot." Step right up ladies and gentlemen, the Conservative flailing circus is in town. Spending a billion plus on the G8/G20 and getting hammered for the Prime Ministerial brain cramp of having two summits, not one, at all the additional exorbitant cost that entails, they've announced a Kontest for public servants. Start counting those peanuts, civil servants, and have we got a bonus prize for you!
The federal government is hoping to kick-start its cost-cutting campaign by offering cash to bureaucrats who find ways to save money.
The rewards will be capped at $10,000 apiece.
The Harper Conservatives are on a cost-cutting campaign? Could have fooled the nation!

Don't these people have any ideas of their own? Are they not capable of taking responsibility for cuts themselves? It's the job of our elected leaders who are accountable to the public - remember that, Conservatives, isn't that what you're talking up these days - to look out for the long term functioning, direction of the government. Not territorially ensconced bureaucrats who may not have that interest in mind.

And paying out $10K in order to cut costs? Isn't it part of everybody's job anyway to deliver government in an efficient manner? So what's with the big payday? Could make for some interesting times in the public service as everyone starts eyeing everyone else's budgets, etc.

The timing is all with this one.