Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tony's bridge to nowhere and other G8/G20 notes

1. The G8 funded bridge that is not a G8 funded bridge, honest.

(click to enlarge)

Here's a question by MP Mark Holland yesterday in the House of Commons on the G8 infrastructure funding of that bridge:
...The nearby riding of Nickel Belt received $2.8 million for infrastructure. All together, the industry minister's riding will receive almost $100 million. What is he building with it? More gazebos per capita than probably anywhere else on earth, from nearly a $1 million bridge to nowhere 42 kilometres away that has not even been started, to $2 million for park improvements 135 kilometres away that is currently mud. It was approved in the name of the summits but has a better chance of being visited by aliens than Barack Obama.

How do the Conservatives justify this pork?
Baird's answer:
Mr. Speaker, I will speak very directly to the project mentioned by the member opposite. He speaks about a bridge in Kearney. This is not a G8 summit project and has nothing to do with the G8 summit project. Just because the member opposite wants to spread mistruths does not make them true.
Click on the picture to enlarge and look at the sign. And see the bridge listed as item one here under "G8 Infrastructure Fund Background."

What does make a statement true anymore?

2. The North Bay airport was upgraded to account for all the G8 bigwigs rolling in. But now they won't be! Oh well! What's another $10 mill in excellent budgeting disarray in the context of the billion plus anyway!

3. Canadians are irked at the exorbitant costs. Big exclamation there! Our man Clement, however, is one of a select few in the country confused about who gets to be "cheesed-off" about all this.

4. Tony, Tony, Tony.

5. The Ontario government is reviewing whether the sound cannons sought to be used at the G20 are weapons and therefore should have been approved at the provincial level. So we have Ontario looking into them, an injunction filed to stop their use and the police who are preparing to use them. It's a fine little mess that the purchase of these devices has spawned.

How will this news factor into the injunction case? Well, if Ontario delays, then a judge may decide to grant the injunction more readily, to await that Ontario decision. Ideally, before the G20 starts, the province would say they are weapons, let's get real, and they need to be tested and go through proper approval channels.