Tuesday, July 27, 2010

About that cerebral approach to governance...

The big census showdown is today at the Industry Committee...Tony versus the world. A thrilla on the Hilla, and it's July at that.

Speaking of the ongoing great census war of summer 2010...there was a very forceful Ottawa Citizen editorial on the census Friday which was very much in opposition to the government's move. For example, its conclusion was this:
No one knows for sure why the Conservatives have surprised the country with this unexpected crusade. All we can say is that this government can no longer claim to be a pragmatic one, or even one looking out for Canada's best interests.
Pretty strong stuff. So today we see an equally forceful letter to the editor by one Krystyna Rudko of Ottawa defending the government's decision vigorously. My favourite part (you can go read the rest):
...the assertion of an "anti-intellectual" penchant flies in the face of endless stories about our prime minister's cerebral approaches to governance.
Yeah. Red flag. So we jump on the Google for a minute or two and we must ask: is this the same Krystyna Rudko employed by Conservative Senator Nicole Eaton and whose name appears on a Senate phone list? If indeed it is, it's not that such individuals can't write letters. As we have learned, it's the identification that's lacking and deprives the reader of a sense of how much weight should be accorded what's being said.

If this is the Senator's employee penning missives, might be an indication of how this is getting under the Conservatives' skin up there in Ottawa.