Thursday, July 15, 2010

The bright side of ambushes

This stuff, to me, is not the big story today (next blog post) but for what it's worth...

Jim Travers has a column today on some alleged U of T exit plan for Ignatieff, an academic refuge should things not work out electorally. Travers writes that any "overtures were informal."

It's being immediately denied:
"It is complete bullsh--," a senior Ignatieff advisor told QMI Agency.
So, this is a summer trial run, an election style campaign, right? This is the kind of thing to expect from all sides, internal and external, during the real deal. The denial was fast and firm, not something that's happened consistently of late and exactly what needed to be done (the NDP-Lib coalition thing festered for a bit before being denounced by the leader's office).

You can very well imagine that someone (or two) from U of T might have reached out to Ignatieff to give him an out. It's no big secret that it hasn't been all smooth sailing for Ignatieff. But the question then what? Do we think no one has mentioned a corporate board seat to Stephen Harper, informally of course, after he's through as PM (he sure is doing yeoman's work for those banks, wink, wink)? Or suggested some other opportunity, at a think tank, for example, be it American or Canadian, informally of course. These things happen.

Best to go through these things in a trial run and the immediate firm response rings true.