Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday night

Dedicated to the Minister of Disgraceful Jigs. An existential pondering for him (and maybe for the rest of us too).

By the way, have been pretty much out of commission all week. A fateful, subtle reach into an evil, evil deep cupboard in my kitchen led me to throw out my back on Tuesday night. The majority of the week since then has been comprised of icing & muscle relaxants. From devastating pain on Wednesday to today's onset of recovery and ability to actually sit at my computer chair for the first time all week...the human body is a miraculous thing. First back pain in years, a very rude awakening and reminder to do those ab/back exercises with my brand new gym mat that has languished in a corner for over a month and to my great regret all week long. Running alone does not a healthy core make, at least for this individual.

Hopefully blogging to resume in a semi-normal fashion sometime soon. Have been surveying the wreckage of Canadian politics throughout the afternoon to get back on track/inspired. Blasted wreckage that it is...but with some bright spots too.

Have a good night...:)